A large number of people have loved working with Russ.  Check out their stories below.

  • Bruce Kelley: “He was instrumental in developing and maintaining the system used by our company for cost estimating and pricing…He is familiar with, appreciates and thrives in a small business environment.  In all of these capacities, I have found Mr. Shurts to be of notably high intelligence and impeccable integrity. …If you have the need for [an accountant] who is of the highest moral character, and who can provide creative analysis in easy to understand terms, I believe Russ Shurts can serve you well.”  (Full PDF)
  • Tona Rozum: “There is no doubt you are #1 on our list of the best and most efficient and you have a vast store of knowledge.  The ease with which you keep tabs on all the various accounts makes our lives so much easier and consequently, more efficient.  I remember telling Rollie that you were the rock at CCC and a great find.  Since he was known to make snap decisions on occasion, it was important you were there to keep track of it all!”  (Word File, PDF)
  • Russ Herrick: “During the last twenty-one years I’ve had the privilege of working with Russell W. Shurts.  I have found him to be a highly skilled accountant and very intelligent individual.  He has assisted me both professionally and personally.” (PDF)
  • Purity Bowen: “In my experience with Mr. Shurts I have always found him to be professional, pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Mr. Shurts was always well prepared for our audit, he was very thorough in providing us with organized and complete information in a timely manner, and his calculations and documents were always impeccable. …The information that Mr. Shurts prepared was always accurate, detailed, concise, and relevant.  In addition, I observed that Mr. Shurts ensured that the employees he supervised were always held to a high level of expectations in the quality of their work.  Mr. Shurts was highly spoken of and respected by all of the employees that he supervised and he communicated and worked well with the staff on our audit team.”    (PDF)
  • Carol Calabrese: ” In my years working for Russell he has patiently taught me to solve problems pertaining to my work in inventory and accounting.  His written and oral communication skills are exceptional, which made it easier for me to learn from him. He is very efficient and organized in his approach to work. …In the years that I have known him he has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me.”  (Word FilePDF)
  • Bob Staffen: While working with Russ, I have found him to be very professional, organized, thorough, and detailed, and goal oriented in his responsibilities.  I would highly recommend Russ to any business or family requiring professional accounting expertise and guidance.”  (PDF)
  • Bob Akmenkalns: “Russ not only has an innate ability to identify problems, but also has a laser like focus and ability to find the solution to those problems.  He has a talent for thinking things through, and takes a common sense approach to problem solving.  With his high moral and ethical values, Russ’ character is beyond reproach.  In addition, his creativity and attention to detail have always made him an asset to the company.  Russ has always been willing, and able, to go above and beyond to get things done. …I strongly recommend Russ to any employer who is looking for a loyal, dedicated, highly motivated and capable individual.”  (PDF)
  • Jill Heap: “Russ has undoubtedly been one of most impressive individuals I have been associated with.  His strong work ethic and knowledge base in his area of expertise has made him truly outstanding in his field. …Russ exhibits a keen eye to detail, is very diligent in assuring that financial matters are addressed with accuracy and efficiency and is a wizard at computer knowledge!  Most importantly, Russ is a man of character and integrity.”  (PDF)
  • Gary Fountain: His level of competency and professionalism in the financial arena is superior to anyone that I have ever worked with during my career. Colorado Container went through two major conversions of the software used to manage our business during the time we worked together. Russ’ hard work and attention to detail minimized the challenges of the conversions and allowed us to avoid interrupting the high level of service our customers expect. ”  (Word File, PDF)
  • Matt Hughes: Aside from the personal guidance that he’s offered, Russ is one of the most pragmatic business thinkers with whom I’ve worked.  As a (relatively) young, eager insurance salesman, I was sure I knew everything that Colorado Container Co (CCC) needed.  I was sure that CCC just HAD to carry interruption insurance…Russ’ big picture viewpoint was eye-opening.  He was well aware of the loss exposure… But he had already planned with the company’s owners for the possibility that they could experience such an interruption… Russ was able to save CCC tens of thousands of dollars every year by retaining that risk and using the money elsewhere.  To this day I counsel business clients and prospects to remove themselves from insurance companies to whatever degree they can.  In my years working with financial leaders over many industries, Russ is the brightest that I’ve ever met.  Russ will make your company stronger.  He’ll identify problems, come up with solutions, and make sure they’re implemented.  And if you don’t need a CFO, just take him out for breakfast.  It could change your life.”  (Read the whole letter! PDF )

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