For the Small Business Owner

Shurts Accounting Financial Preparation Service

This service is designed to provide proper financial reports including Balance Sheet and Income Statement for any small business.  There would also be a certain level of business management/consulting included in it as well.  With this service we would automatically include the Shurts Accounting Cash Flow Analyzer for you and your family.

Pricing:  This would be negotiated into a fixed monthly fee depending on the scope of the work involved.  We would apply rates varying from $25 to $150 per hour to this process of determining what the fixed monthly fee would be.


Shurts Accounting Tax Assistance and Preparation Service

This service would be designed to assist you with all tax-related work, which could include income, sales, use, property, payroll and other taxes.  Within this service we would prepare tax returns where necessary and would develop procedures to properly track and prepare for the payment of these taxes on a continuing basis.

Pricing:  We would price this work as a monthly fixed fee for that part that lends itself to on-going repetition and as an hourly rate varying between $75 and $150 per hour for special projects or more detailed problems.


Shurts Accounting Part-Time Controller

This service would employ Russ Shurts on a part-time basis as the Controller for you, the small business owner.  Russ would act in the capacity of ‘Controller’ in setting up and managing the various accounting and financial functions of the business  This would give your small business access to Russ’ vast experience in accounting for a business without spending the money for a full-time Controller.

Pricing:  This would be entirely negotiable as a monthly flat fee depending on the scope of the work.


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