For the Successful Family Business with Many Entities

Shurts Accounting Business & Wealth Management

Russ Shurts would handle all of the accounting and business management for the successful individual and/or their family that owns or has owned in the past a profitable long-term family business.  From personal experience Russ knows that many ancillary business entities can grow up around such a successful business, and he has successfully managed this situation for many years.  Among the many services he could provide are: acting as the CFO for your business, if it is still in operation; handling the affairs of family-owned LLC’s that own real estate or other assets; managing Trusts where much of the wealth of your family may reside to accounting for; and managing philanthropic entities such as Foundations or Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Pricing:  This would be entirely negotiable as a monthly flat fee depending on the scope of the work.

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