The Home Cash Flow Analyzer

Shurts Accounting Home Cash Flow Analyzer

This analysis tool is designed to take the monthly expense reported by Quicken Income Statement categories and compare them to monthly budgeted amounts for the same categories. From this comparison each month, the Cash Flow Analyzer will report the following valuable information: how much budgeted money is left in each category, how much you are spending (as a monthly average), and a projection of where you will be financially at the end of the year based on your current spending and income patterns.

Assuming you are using Quicken, the Cash Flow Analyzer starts by guiding you through setting up a budget based on your current income situation and your spending patterns over the last two years.  If you’re not planning on using Quicken, you’ll start with your likely annual income and then go through bank and credit card statements to determine the current spending to use in creating a budget.

Currently, our Cash Flow Analyzer is available in its prototype spreadsheet version.  During this initial period, we will provide one-on-one help in setting up your finances on the Cash Flow Analyzer, with a small fee for help with maintenance.

Pricing:  $15 one-time fee for the spreadsheet and a half-hour of set-up help, $25 for each additional half-hour of help with the program.

Click the button below to buy the Home Cash Flow Analyzer!    

Shurts Accounting Quicken/Home Cash Flow Analyzer Full Set-Up Service

This service is designed to assist those of you who wish to use the Cash Flow Analyzer program, but aren’t comfortable in setting it up by yourself or with minimal assistance.  Shurts Accounting, either in person or over the internet, will help you with setting up Quicken and the Cash Flow Analyzer program and showing you how to input your financial data so you can begin receiving the benefits of both programs.

Pricing:  $50 for up to three hours of assistance; Additional hours would be charged at $25 per hour



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