ROC Properties

The day I started looking in the classified ads (remember them?) for a new job, I found my old job with Sunergy/River Oaks (now called ROC Properties) was available.  In the intervening 2 years since I left what was at that time River Oaks Communities, one of the owners had sold his River Oaks stock and left the company and the other principal owner decided to buy the ‘Communities’ portion of the company back from the now failing public company.  ‘Communities’ had gone through 3 Controllers who had failed to handle my old job.  The new private company was now called ROC Properties, and it was advertising for a new Controller because the books were in complete disarray again.

The accounting of all of the many entities from before was once again a mess.  It wasn’t quite as bad as when I first took over the job, but it was pretty bad and required many 60 hour weeks for many months before I got a semblance of control over everything.

The company had expanded the number of mobile home parks and partnerships so that there were now at least 50 mobile home parks and 35 limited partnerships to keep track of, as well as the main company and some ancillary companies.

  • One of these ancillary companies was Meadowvale Manufactured Housing subdivision in Grand Junction.  This was this company’s first attempt at developing a housing subdivision.  This was similar to any other subdivision where homes are built, only this one was bringing in manufactured homes to the lots where they would be permanently affixed and sold.  This project required construction accounting which was quite different from anything this company had done before.
  • A second different company was Inter-Mountain Rentals.  This business was engaged in renting large recreational vehicles as mobile living quarters to oil and gas drilling sites in Wyoming.  Again, this was unlike anything else the company had ever done before.

Similar to before, though, ROC Properties was chronically short of cash.  I became a past master at juggling checks and keeping vendors appeased.


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