Kelley Family

I have handled the accounting for the following Kelley family entities:

  • 3 Complex Trusts – estate planning tool to maintain control of the company by the three children of Rollie Kelley.
  • Marital Trust – for Rollie’s widow.
  • Profit Sharing Plan – the retirement plan for all of the company’s employees.
  • CCC-ATS LLC – owned the unimproved land across from the company’s main plant.
  • 4221 Monaco Street LLLP – owned the plant the company operated in and a 100,000 SF warehouse next door.
  • BB&K Clearing – a bank account the three siblings used to do joint projects out of.
  • Kelco Leasing – a company that leased machinery to CCC.
  • Life Insurance Trust – a trust holding life insurance that helped reduce and cover estate taxes when Rollie died.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – a charitable trust Rollie created to transfer assets to charities at his death
  • Foundation – a charitable foundation Rollie created.
  • Highlands Financial Services – a factoring business created and run by a step son-in law of Rollie’s.
  • Zeta Management/Club Homes – This is a real estate subdivision in Louisville, Colorado that Rollie initially financed and then eventually took over and developed when the original developer proved incapable of running it successfully.
  • Rollie Kelley IRA Rollover – a series of investments from a previous retirement plan account of Rollie’s.
  • Rollie Kelley – the accounting for Rollie as an individual.

Through my 21 years with Colorado Container, both for the company and for the Kelley family that owned it I was constantly involved in and responsible for making decisions on where and how to invest the millions of dollars generated by and owned by all of the above entities.  I not only accounted for these investments down to the last penny, but also learned a great deal about good investments and bad investments, the nature of a lot of different investments and how to evaluate them and the individuals/companies selling them.


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