Not TOO Expensive

When I first started talking about Shurts Accounting with my friends and colleagues the typical reaction I got was, “Well, you would be too expensive for me.”  Let me take this space to emphatically dispute this idea.

I believe to live your life well, you must do the best you can in all facets of your life, including your financial life.  This website and business are dedicated to giving everyone who crosses its path whatever it is they need to assist them in getting their financial house in order, regardless of the wealth they have accumulated.

That is why I offer assistance over a wide variety of cost options for people across the financial stratum- assistance that will help each of you understand your finances better and ultimately enrich your financial well being.

Everyone from a factory worker making $20 an hour to a CEO making a million a year can find something to benefit them here.  Consider the options:

Free – In future blog posts, I plan to give advice and tutorials on how to go about setting up and tracking your personal finances and investments.  But to go even further, I will explain in laymen’s terms how accounting works and why it is so vital to everyone, not just wealthy people or owners of businesses.  And just so you know, even many wealthy business owners often don’t understand its importance.

Less than $20 – Right now I am offering a spreadsheet I developed several years ago that finally gave me terrific insight into our family’s cash flow.  In addition, we are developing the basic idea behind that spreadsheet into a website application that will be sold for a nominal annual fee.  Furthermore, I have plans to offer a similarly low cost spreadsheet that will allow you to know your income tax situation at all times.

Less than $150 – Basic assistance and training in getting you started with your own financial tracking system.

$100 per month and up – Basic financial reporting for individuals who have accumulated some wealth and want to understand it, keep it and grow it over time.

$25 per hour – More advanced accounting assistance to help you in tracking your own finances or in letting us track it for you.

$75 per hour and up or a negotiated flat fee – My handling the accounting and/or business affairs for small businesses, family businesses or individuals who have accumulated great wealth.

As you can see, I plan to offer something for anyone who wishes to improve his or her financial life.  If you look through the material in the website you will see that my unique combination of knowledge, talent and experience can make this happen for you.