Shurts Accounting for Everyone – Part 4

In the previous parts to this series, I have asserted that the moral code of altruism (which supports the political idea that ‘the strong must be sacrificed to take care of the weak’) must be overthrown if we are ever going to bring our government back to where it should be, protecting and supporting our lives instead of destroying them.

There are two ways to demonstrate this.  First is to show how this idea has actually worked in practice.  The moral code of altruism has been around for thousands of years and has been implemented politically in many, many cultures throughout that time, and is being implemented in several countries around the world right now.  To see if this is a proper moral code for men to live by, we can see how it has worked in history.  The second way is to demonstrate exactly how the political implementation of this moral code works to undermine each individual human being that is unfortunate to live under it.

Perhaps the two best examples of the misery the philosophy of ‘the strong must be sacrificed to the weak’ has caused in history are how people lived during the Dark Ages and how people lived under the totalitarian Communist states that dominated the 20th Century.

The Dark Ages were an approximate thousand year period from around 450 A.D. to around 1450 A.D. that was dominated by the Christian religion.  The altruist moral code is at the heart of all religions including the Christian religion, and the Dark Ages have been appropriately named because of it.  With the demise of Rome Europe broke into many different governmental factions, but the common denominator in all of them was that they were dominated by the Christian church.  For all intents and purposes the people of Europe were governed by a theocracy for a thousand years beginning around 450 A.D.  The results for human prosperity were devastating.

During this thousand-year period there was no economic growth of any kind, no scientific discoveries, no improvements in law or medicine or any general human endeavor of any kind.  The altruist moral code which told each human being that his sole purpose was to sacrifice his life to God (or to God’s representatives) and forbid him to improve his own life in any way ended up keeping the people of the world in abject misery for this entire time.

If anything, Communism as practiced by the Soviet Union and Red China was even worse.  In a span of only 70 years, this murderous political system which has altruism at its heart was responsible for over 100 million deaths.  These societies were the first ones in history to make the practice of altruism mandatory at the point of a gun for each person living in them.  To even be suspected of disagreeing with the altruist moral code that these countries lived by was to invite death or exile to some very nasty place.

These two examples should be all anyone would need to understand just how toxic altruism is, but just to nail down the concept let’s look at how well this moral code has worked in America.

Contrary to the generally accepted notion, the Great Depression was not caused by too much Capitalism.  It was caused and exacerbated by too much altruist-fueled government intervention.  Throughout the 19th century, there were a number of downturns in the economic cycle whose durations were short when compared to the decade of misery caused by the Great Depression.  It was only when the government began enforcing that ‘the strong must be sacrificed to the weak’ through the massive increase in programs first started by Herbert Hoover and then ratcheted upward by Franklin Roosevelt that the economy for all intents and purposes ceased to grow.

And finally let’s look at the cities and states of today that have implemented this philosophy the most.  Since the beginning of the 20th century most large cities in America have been dominated by governments enforcing altruism as have three of the largest states, California, New York and Illinois.  Detroit, which is a shadow of its former self, is perhaps the best example of what happens when the altruist moral code is allowed to run rampant.  And California, New York and Illinois are all essentially bankrupt with little prospect of improving their situation, because they abjectly refuse to remove all of the government expansion they have imposed on their citizens through the decades.

All of this is the result of following a political philosophy that requires that ‘the strong must be sacrificed to take care of the weak.’

Now that you have seen how this works in practice, in the next part of this series I will show very specifically how and why the implementation of the moral code of altruism MUST result in all of this wretchedness.


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